Top 4 Alternatives to Gold WhatsApp APK

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Gold WhatsApp is an modified version of original messenger app. You get unlimited features after downloading this modified version. Although it has some unique features but you can download top 4 similar apps like WhatsaApp Gold APK. In this article you’ll know about top 4 apps which are best alternative of this modified app.

AN WhatsApp APK

AN WhatsApp APK is one of the popular social messaging app. It is a modified version that contains several additional features that are unavailable in the original version. The developers have also added an Anti-Ban Feature in it to protect account ban issues occuring in MOD version of apps.

AN +10 WhatsApp Download

AN WhatsApp Download

It comes up with an interesting feature to edit your sent messages that are sent by mistake. For this long press on the message that you want to edit. Now select the edit message option and make desired changes in the message and then click save. The most important thing is the receiver will never know that you have changed the message.

ANWhatsApp APK also comes up with an in-built status downloader. This feature is for those who use a third party application to download others statuses. Simply click on th download icon given in bottom right corner and video or image will b saved in your gallery. Adding to it you can also copy the caption by pressing long on the caption.

Sometimes people delete messages and what you see is this message is “Deleted for everyone”, which is quite frustrating. But with Anti-Delete Message feature you can still see messages even after people delete it. All these features are quite fascinating but the best feature is you can send large improvement files to anyone without any limitations.

It has an elegant golden icon with a descent golden them making it an excellent alternative of th Gold WhatsApp APK. This theme is customizable and you can easily make changes to it according your desires. Last but not least there is a message scheduler for you to schedule your messages, and birthday wishes before time accurately.

King WhatsApp APK

The second most powerful alternative of WhatsApp Gold APK is King WhatsApp APK. This comes up with an astonishing golden icon with a crown inside it, making you feel Royal. Further in the theme has many jewls and crystals in background making it a perfect choice for gold and jewelery lovers.

King WhatsApp Download

King WhatsApp Download

There is an in-built language translator to translate messages within the app. This is an excellent feature for people who have to deal with foreigners from different backgrounds. There is no need to install any third party application.

One of the best Features of King WhatsApp APK is that it supports multiple accounts use at the same time. Users can also switch between these accounts whenever needed. So there is no need to install multiple apps to use different accounts and burn your storage.

There are also several privacy features available such as hide double tick option. This option is used when you don’t want others to let know that you have read their message. Further, a disable double tick icon hides from sender that you have received the m message. All these options are fun if your are hiding from your crush or anyone else.

NA WhatsApp APK

This alternative of Golden WhatsApp APK comes up with 8 different varients. These varients include NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA6, NA7, and NA8. Among all these varients NA 5 comes up with an attractive golden icon. This version of NA WhatsApp APK has a simple golden them with multiple wallpaper to choose from.

NA 7 WhatsApp Download

NA WhatsApp Download

One of the key features is it’s different font styles. Users can choose among 20 different and attractive font styles to use in their messages and status captions. This will make your messages and captions stand out among your friends and family members.

On official WhatsApp you can only send 30 images at a time which is quite frustrating when you have to send a lot of data. There is no such restriction on NA WhatsApp APK and users can send unlimited number of images on a single instant.

It will also give you a control over the internet data consumption by giving a report on data usage. With NA WhatsApp APK you can also check out the storage consumed by different chats and can delete large files such as images, videos and documents.

It also has a user friendly interface and navigation of chats is super easy. There is also a partition between individual chats and group chats. There are separate tabs available for both so that you can easily manage between them. This feature is blessing because sometimes we miss the chat of our dear ones among different group chats that is a moment of embarrassment.

Red WhatsApp APK

Red WhatsApp APK has all the features of Gold WhatsApp APK. It comes up with a stunning red icon giving appearance of a cherry. Within the app has a mind blowing red theme with beautiful textured red wallpapers in the background. It allows users to send messages and make calls to numbers without saving the contact.

WhatsApp Red Official Download

Red WhatsApp Download

After Downloading Red WhatsApp APK you can easily create an account on it. For this use your personal mobile number and email if required. Start from choosing the language, then enter contact information and an OTP will be received on your mobile. Enter this OTP, then enter the personal information and you are all set to use your WhatsApp account.

It has a DND mode which can be used while playing games or watching movies. It will disconnect the WhatsApp internet connection allowing other apps still use internet. Further there is also an auto reply feature to send a customized message to people whenever they message you. This is important for small business owners who have to deal with a large number of customers on daily basis.

It also comes up with a large pack of emojis known as emoticons to express your feelings in text. Additional there are large number of customizable stickers making chat full of fun and excitement. You can also prank with your friends with Red WhatsApp voice changer feature.

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